About Us

Currently the company ranks first in brokering and real estate consulting for
the west area of the country.

15 years of experience

Our agency offers real estate consulting for over 15 successful years.

12 professional colleagues

Our consultants offer comprehensive real estate services, at the highest standards.

Over 5000 clients

Each concluded transaction contributed to building real estate expertise.

Hitch&Mosher is a free company, based on honor, courage, creativity, honesty, professionalism and pride! Hitch&Mosher puts together energy and competence, professionalism and transactional honesty in order to exploit all opportunities of the Romanian real estate market!



Established in 2005, Hitch&Mosher is a company with entirely Romanian capital, and ever since the beginning it has been a very highly rated on the real estate market of the Western part of the country, by hiring an inspired partnership, fully devoted, loyal, responsible with each client and investors whom it collaborated with.

In 2010, the company was placed in the first 5 real estate companies on the market of the Western part of Romania, then constantly following a positive evolution due to the quality of services offered, professionalism and dedication to satisfying each need expressed by clients.

Currently, through the intermediation and consulting services in real estate, the company is on the first place in the Western region of the country. An important distinction received by Hitch&Mosher is the first prize awarded by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timis, for outstanding economic results, in the category "Services - Real Estate Agents" in the 22 edition of the Top Companies from Timis County, held in October, 2015.

In 2016, the company was designated as the "most powerful brand" by Real Estate Professionals Club and the imobiliare.ro portal.


We, those from Hitch&Mosher, are well-known for the fact that we work together with our clients and not for our clients only. We are aware of the fact that this business field is entirely built on the consultant and client relation, a relation in which values such as integrity, trust and responsibility establish the difference between success and failure.

Our clients appeal to us for such services and this is because they believe in us. Both professionally and humanly. The principles after which Hitch&Mosher guide its entire activity are the following:

  • Receptivity for the client's objectives and needs.
  • Professionalism, perseverance and flexibility.
  • Accessibility, efficiency and creativity.
  • Adjustment to the client's requirements and, together with the client, identification of the best solutions for the client.
  • Creation of an understanding and mutual trust environment.
  • Accent on communication, tight and relaxed relations with our clients.
  • Emphasizing the accent on the joint interests of both parties.
  • Following the profit and mutual satisfaction, knowing the fact that each party must gain in an advantageous business.
  • Offering an advantage prior to earning.
  • Honesty in negotiation.